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 GPCA Standing General Assembly Voting


Yolo Delegation

StatusAccredited County
Accreditation Date03/06/2016
Current Delegates0
Current Alternates0
Current Observers0
Currently Allowed Voters2
Maximum Allowed Voters2


Budget Committee0
Bylaws Committee0
Campaign Support Committee0
Clearinghouse Committee0
Coordinating Committee0
Finance Committee0
Internet Technology0
Media Committee0
Platform Committee0
Standing General Assembly0

Voting History Since Accreditation

138 - Approval: Minutes, General Assembly, June 10-11, 2017
137 - Bylaws Amendment: Elections Eligibility and Timing for Coordinating Committee
136 - Bylaws Interpretation: Endorsement of Statewide Ballot Measures
135 - Bylaws Interpretation: Election of GPUS Delegation Alternate seats
132 - Approval: Minutes, General Assembly, March 11-12, 2017
   1 - Yes
   1 - No
131 - Approval: Minutes, General Assembly, May 13-14, 2016
   1 - Yes
   1 - Abstain
129 - Bylaws Amendment: Standing Committee Attendance
   2 - Yes
128 - Bylaws Intepretation: Rescheduling May-June 2017 Standing General Assembly one week later
   2 - Yes
123 - Platform Amendment: Initiative, Referendum and Recall
122 - Platform Amendment: Initiative, Referendum and Recall
120 - Bylaws Amendment: SGA discussion period starting date
119 - Fiscal Policy Amendment: Finance Committee
117 - Platform Amendment: Health Care
98 - Bylaws Interpretation: Holding extra GPUS Delegation election
96 - Fiscal Policy Amendment: Fundraising Committee
95 - Platform Amendment: Electoral and Campaign Finance Reform
94 - Platform Amendment: Budget
93 - Bylaws Amendment: General Assembly quorum
92 - Bylaws Amendment: Secret ballots for candidate endorsements
91 - Bylaws Amendment: Secret ballots for internal party elections
90 - Bylaws Amendment: Coordinating Committee election eligibility
85 - Platform Amendment: Weather Engineering
84 - Platform Amendment: Criminal Justice
83 - Platform Amendment: Budget
19 - Bylaws Amendment: Article 12-4 GPUS Delegation Elections

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