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Proposal Details

Proposal ID43
ProposalConfirmation of Sean Marshall as Interim Co-Coordinator, Electoral Reform Working Group
PresenterElectoral Reform Working Group
Floor ManagerMike Feinstein
Discussion12/04/2013 - 01/12/2014
Voting01/13/2014 - 01/19/2014
Presens Quorum14 0.5001
Consens Quorum29 0.6 of Yes and No Votes


GPCA Bylaws Section 9-2 Co-coordinators state: "Each committee shall have two co-coordinators. Elected coordinators shall take office upon confirmation by the General Assembly and shall serve for two years in staggered terms." (http://www.cagreens.org/bylaws/2013-06-23#Section_9-2_Co-coordinators)

During its Sunday afternoon working group breakout session (between 2:35pm and 4:05pm) at the November 16-17, 2013 Santa Rosa General Assembly, the Electoral Reform Working Group elected Sean Marshal as a co-coodinator of the working group, contingent upon confirmation by the General Assembly. However, when the General Assembly reconvened at 4:05pm, it no longer had quorum with which to consider this confirmation. For this reason, the consideration of confirmation is before the Standing General Assembly.

An additionally complicating factor is that the Electoral Reform Working Group has been inactive for some time, in that it has not met regularly at GPCA state meetings, nor via teleconference in between meetings; nor has it chosen co-chairs for several years. As a result, there is not a membership roster for the working group

At the same time, GPCA Bylaws Section 10-2 Co-coordinators state "Each Working Group shall elect two coordinators from among its membership. Elected coordinators shall take office upon confirmation by the General Assembly and shall serve for two years in staggered terms." (http://www.cagreens.org/bylaws/2013-06-23#Section_10-2_Co-coordinators)

Since there have not been regular meetings of this working group at which membership could be achieved, and because there has been no co-coordinators in place to track and report membership had their been regular meetings, no confirmation of new co-coordinators can be made. At the same time, it is in the interest of the GPCA that the working group be able to become active again now that a meeting of it was held at a GPCA General Assembly.

For this reason, this proposal seeks confirmation of Sean Marshall as an Interim Co-coordinator, so that the working group may have interim leadership while it becomes active again, after which at the next General Assembly, it can recommend and the General Assembly can confirm Co-coordinators as they are defined in GPCA bylaws.

A Biography/Candidate Statement for Sean Marshall follows in the References section below


That the Standing General Assembly confirm Sean Marshall as an Interim Co-coordinator of the Electoral Reform Working Group




Sean Kent Marshall was born May 30, 1985 in Hollywood, CA. His mother was an r&b vocalist/homemaker, and his father worked for the Department of Water and Power. From a young age, Sean enjoyed self-directed learning and was inspired by conscious artists such as Mos Def and Bob Marley, and social activists such as Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr. He left high school at sixteen via proficiency exam, and began works in music production, fundraising, and local development. Today Mr. Marshall is active with grassroots organizations; The Zeitgeist Movement and Liberty Hill, and is interested in green issues, economics, and reform. He resides in Burbank, CA where he is developing careers in the arts and public service.

I joined the Green Party because I align completely with the Ten Key Values. I find the Green Party to hold the most viable platform for sustainable progression.

I'm interested in reforming the electoral process because I find current practices to be corrupt, and lacking in honest representaion.

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