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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID76
ProposalRecommendation to CA Secretary of State: That Darryl Cherney be placed upon the June 2016 GPCA presidential primary ballot
Floor ManagerMike Feinstein
Results Adopted

49 Total Votes Received from 16 Counties

Presens Quorum12 - 0.5001 of 23 Accredited Counties
Consens Quorum24 - 0.6 of 39 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

AlamedaYesPaul Anderson
AlamedaYesJan Arnold
AlamedaYesMaxine Daniel
AlamedaYesGreg Jan
AlamedaYesBob Marsh
AlamedaYesPatti Marsh
AlamedaYesPam Spevack
Contra CostaNoTim Laidman
Contra CostaNoPaul Larudee
Contra CostaNoJessica Montiel
Contra CostaNoCarolyn Muth
FresnoYesRichard Gomez
HumboldtNoDana Silvernale
HumboldtNoJim Smith
LakeYesJoanne Bateni
Los AngelesAbstainJosefina Aranda
Los AngelesYesDoug Barnett
Los AngelesYesMarla Bernstein
Los AngelesAbstainMike Feinstein
Los AngelesAbstainCris Gutierrez
Los AngelesAbstainLisa Hsu
Los AngelesYesSasha Karlik
Los AngelesNoJack Lindblad
Los AngelesAbstainGenevieve Marcus
Los AngelesAbstainLinda Piera-Avila
Los AngelesYesMichael Powelson
Los AngelesNoAjay Rai
Los AngelesAbstainCynthia Santiago
Los AngelesAbstainLisa Taylor
Los AngelesAbstainCandice Yamaguchi
MontereyYesFrank Lambert
NapaNoHaley Rekdahl
NapaNoAlex Shantz
OrangeNoGordon Johnson
OrangeYesJeff Lebow
OrangeYesMatt Leslie
San DiegoNoSean Bohac
San DiegoYesMichael Goldbeck
San DiegoNoHugh Moore
San DiegoYesDavid Morrison
San Luis ObispoYesPeggy Koteen
San MateoNoSanda Everette
San MateoYesMark Roest
Santa BarbaraYesJohn Foran
Santa BarbaraYesMarcelo Mendez
ShastaYesDonald Yost
SolanoAbstainVictoria Ashley
SonomaYesSusan Chunco
SonomaYesTarik Kanaana

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