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Proposal Details

Proposal ID29
ProposalApproval of Minutes, General Assembly, December 3-4, 2011
PresenterCoordinating Committee
Floor ManagerMike Feinstein
Discussion05/06/2013 - 06/16/2013
Voting06/17/2013 - 06/25/2013
Presens Quorum13 0.5001
Consens Quorum33 0.6 of Yes and No Votes


GPCA Bylaws 7-5.6 Minutes state that "Minutes shall include the date, time, location and list of delegates in attendance, the subject/title, sponsor(s) and presenter(s) of all agenda items heard, the decisions-taken (including whether by consensus or by roll-call vote) and the text of all proposals, including amendments." (http://www.cagreens.org/bylaws/2013-03-23#Section_7-5_Meetings)

The following minutes from the General Assembly, December 3-4, 2011 in Los Angeles are presented below, with links from this page to the text of each proposal in question here http://www.cagreens.org/ga/2011-12/decisions


That the following minutes be approved as presented in draft form here on the web here http://www.cagreens.org/ga/2011-12/decisions, and in draft text form below

Saturday December 3rd

Agenda Approval - approved agenda here http://www.cagreens.org/ga/2011-12/approved-agenda

Approved by consensus (with three stand asides)

Consent calendar - Approved by Consensus:

Proposal: Amend Committee Membership to Change Attendance Requirement (Coordinating Committee)

Proposal: Update Policies and Procedures for Campaign Financial Support Committee (Campaigns & Candidates Working Group)

Proposal: Amend GPCA Platform - Disarmament (Platform)

Consent calendar - Pulled owing to outstanding concerns; to be brought back for reconsideration on Sunday:

Proposal: Amendment to GPCA Bylaws 7-1.8 Choice Voting to include use of GPCA voting page (GPUS Delegation)

Proposal: Extension by one year of trial period to evaluate new CC election method (Coordinating Committee) -- Proposal amended to include report and recommendations to spring 2012 General Assembly

Proposal: Amend GPCA Platform - Nuclear Contamination (Platform)

Proposal: Amend GPCA Platform – Energy (Platform)

Confirmation: Jared Laiti, Nominee for GPCA Liaison to Secretary of State

Confirmed by a vote of 28-7-5

GPUS Delegation Election

The following candidates were elected by ranked choice voting:

Delegates: Cynthia Santiago, Wendy Kenin

Alternates: Genevieve Marcus, Josefina Arnada, Tim Casebolt, Jessica Chuan, Joshua Scuteri, Harrison Wills

No candidate who ran was not elected.

Proposal: Budget for remainder of FY2011-2012 (Budget Committee)

Budget as amended is available in .pdf form. The .pdf is still being sought. Perhaps that should be made available in password-protected form.

Approved by consensus

Proposal: Establish Fiscal Policy (Humboldt County Green Party, Coordinating Committee, Finance Committee)

Approved with four amendments: to retain the existing GPCA fiscal year; to amend 6-4.1 and 6-4.2 to read “Corporation", to amend 7-6.2 to add criteria for emergency spending and to direct the Bylaws Committee to review the issue of numbering vs. using letters for the Fiscal Policy. A new GPCA Fiscal Policy established to reflect passage of this proposal, including these revisions from the proposal in the agenda packet has been posted.

Approved by 29-3-4

Sunday, December 4

Consent calendar - approved by Consensus:

Proposal: Endorsement of AB1148

Proposal: Amendment to GPCA Bylaws 7-1.8 Choice Voting to include use of GPCA voting page (GPUS Delegation)

Proposal: Extension by one year of trial period to evaluate new CC election method (Coordinating Committee)

Proposal amended to include report to the spring 2012 General Assembly on the performance of the CC election method and recommended next steps

Amend GPCA Platform - Nuclear Contamination

Approved with one amendment

Amend GPCA Platform - Energy (Platform)

Approved with one amendment

Proposal: Recommendation of names to the California Secretary of State for inclusion on the GPCA presidential primary election ballot (GPUS Delegation, Campaigns & Candidates Working Group)

Kent Mesplay approved 21-9-6

Jill Stein approved by consensus.

Proposal: Establish Policies and Procedures for Selection and Governance of GPCA Delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention (GPUS Delegation)

Approved by 32-1-1

Article II of the GPCA Rules and Procedures amended to reflect passage of this proposal.

Confirmation: Standing Committee and Working Group Co-Coordinators

Confirmed: Jesse Townley, Campaigns & Candidates Working Group; Alex Shantz and April Clay, Green Issues Working Group





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