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Ranked Choice Vote ID69
Ranked Choice VoteElection: Coordinating Committee, unscheduled vacancies, two male seats, remainder of July 2014 - June 2016
TypeSecret Ballot
Number of Seats2
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorMike Feinstein
Discussion10/05/2015 - 11/22/2015
Voting11/23/2015 - 11/29/2015
Presens Quorum12 0.5001
Candidates No Other Candidate
Jose Trinidad Castaneda III
Michael Goldbeck


This election is to fill two unscheduled vacancies for two male seats on the GPCA Coordinating Committee (http://www.cagreens.org/committees/coordinating), resulting from resignations by two individuals (David Curtis and Gladwyn d'Souza) elected in June 2014, to serve the remainder of the two year term running from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016. The Coordinating Committee's Duties and Authority are found here http://www.cagreens.org/bylaws/2013-03-23#Section_8-1_Duties_and_Authority.

When such unscheduled vacancies occur, the Coordinating Committee shall publish a Notice of Vacancy and Call for Candidate Submissions to the active County Organizations, as per GPCA Bylaws 8-4.5 http://www.cagreens.org/bylaws/2013-06-23#Section_8-4_Elections. This was sent on August 5, 2015.

According to GPCA Bylaws 8-2.1, "The Coordinating Committee shall be composed of up to 24 voting members, with 12 men and 12 women. Six men and six women shall be elected each year to serve staggered, two year terms" (http://www.cagreens.org/bylaws/2013-03-23#Section_8-2_Membership) and 8-4.1 "Elections shall be conducted each year by the Standing Green Assembly using Ranked Choice Voting with a No Other Candidate option, with the six week discussion period beginning on the first Monday of May and the one week voting period commencing immediately thereafter." (http://www.cagreens.org/bylaws/2013-03-23#Section_8-4_Elections). 8-4.3(b) adds that the election as it is posted to the Standing Green Assembly shall include:"A full and detailed explanation of Ranked Choice Voting, an explanation of the No Other Candidate option, and an encouragement that delegates make their choices seriously and a reminder that they do not have to fill all seats unless they feel there are enough qualified candidates."

Ranked Choice Voting is explained here http://www.fairvote.org/reforms/fair-representation-voting/choice-votinghttp://www.fairvote.org/reforms/instant-runoff-votinghttp://www.sfgov2.org/index.aspx?page=876http://www.acgov.org/rov/rcv. Ranking 'No Other Candidate' (NOC) means once NOC passed the approval threshold, no further candidates will be elected, other than those (if any) who have already been elected before NOC reached the threshold.

Candidate Information

No Other Candidate

Jose Trinidad Castaneda III
Hello Greens,

My name is Jose Trinidad Castaneda III, and I am applying for the Green Party of California Coordinating Committee elections as a male candidate.

I am a second-generation Mexican-American, and also a student at California State University, Los Angeles, on a pathway to attaining a Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology. After researching the Green Party's values, I discovered that they closely matched my own beliefs, and I became actively involved with the Green Party ahead of the 2014 elections. Since then, I have organized with the Green Party of Orange County to host two landmark events. I currently organize with other student leaders on my campus to bring about social change, including bringing gender neutral restrooms, going on strike with the California Faculty Association, and petitioning for the construction of a 21st Century Aquaponics Community farm.

As a Coordinating Committee member, I would propose strategies to engage the youth and Millennials, including people of color, African-Americans, Latinx/Chicanx/Boricuas, feminists, the LGBTQ communities, and Asian/Pacific Islander communities. In order to do this, I would propose multilingual agendas, invite rising leaders and expert facilitators, and work on a re-branding campaign that aims to address people directly. Together, we can grow the Green Party to the largest membership it has ever had. We must be attentive to the needs of these marginalized communities which have many disenfranchised people who do not vote because they do not see someone who honestly represents their best interests.

Vote for me for a position within the Green Party of California Coordinating Committee, and I will breathe ambitious new energy into our collective consciousness.

Peace and Harmony,

Jose Trinidad Castaneda III

Michael Goldbeck
Personal History and Family Life:

I was born in Sparta, Wisconsin to Lucille and Perry Goldbeck. Back then, my mother was a housewife and my father worked at various jobs around the state. I spend my first five years in the woods of Wisconsin, on my Grandfather's farm, and in the city of Madison. My father moved to California to get work in the booming construction business. My sister Sue, baby brother Bill, and I followed six months later. My mother drove us there in a old Plymouth. Twenty-five hundred miles in the winter. Pretty gutsy.
We lived in Westchester, by LAX, for a while before moving to Reseda in the San Fernando Valley. My mother became a teacher working for the Los Angeles Unified School District, teaching at Reseda High School. My brother David was born in Reseda a few years later. I spent the rest of my childhood and teenage years there until moving to Santa Monica. After coming home to find my apartment burned up due to a careless neighbor, I moved to West Hollywood. During the course of my work history, I lived in Los Angeles in the Eaglerock/Highland Park areas. I married and moved with my wife to Escondido, California. We then moved to Encinitas where we bought a house and lived there for 27 years. We have one daughter, Janessa, who is gay and a Marine Corps lieutenant. After my wife and I divorced, I met my current wife and we married 5 years later. We currently live in Carlsbad, California with our cat named “Girl”. My hobbies include: watching episodes and reading novels of the various incarnations of “Star Trek”; writing songs, singing, and playing guitar in a rock band called “The Lost and Found”; and writing fiction.

Work History

I lived in Hollywood for about 6 years, working in hospitals and for the Los Angeles County Assessor's office. I also attended Control Data Institute where I trained to become a computer hardware specialist. After my training I went to work for Data Pathing, a subsidiary of NCR. After spending two years with Data Pathing, I was hired by Modcomp Computer Company where I spent many hours repairing the Modcomp computers at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. I worked for Modcomp for 4 years before taking a job with a start-up computer repair company: Communications Maintenance. I became their Regional Manager for the Western States. I became a pilot during this time and purchased an old Cessna 172 aircraft which I used to get around my territory. After about 9 years with Communications Maintenance, I started my own repair business which lasted for about 5 years until the end of the mini-computer era. After that I worked as a manager for an Indian statuary importing business. I then developed a marketing company that specialized in website design. I retired 2 years ago, so I have plenty of time to devote to the Green Party.

Political History

I met and spoke with John F. Kennedy when he was running for president. I was so impressed by his youthful enthusiasm and friendliness that I became interested in what was happening with my country. Along with the most of the nation, I was shocked and depressed and became pessimistic about government after his assassination. I remember thinking that Johnson was in on the assassination. I became apolitical after Kennedy's death and didn't get re-energized until Bobby Kennedy ran in '68. My mother was a life-long liberal Democrat and feminist. She also started the San Diego Democratic Club. She encouraged me to work the phone-banks for Bobby. The day after I started on the phones, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. I went into another period of political depression. After going through the rest of the Viet Nam war years and Watergate, I finally re-awoke, politically, when Jimmy Carter ran for president. I liked that he was a Washington outsider. Well, Carter seem to implode with the mishandling of the Iran Hostage crisis. I tuned out politics during Reagan's first term. When I became aware of “Globalization” I woke up to the idiocy of this policy and began working on ways to organize people to protect jobs. I joined Toastmasters to learn to speak in public and began writing speeches that reflected my pro-labor views. I tried to start a labor party but found that workers were not really interested in leaving the Democratic party, even though it was in bed with the capitalists. I did a lot of thinking about how we could have a “Healthy Democracy” and came up with the Healthy Democracy Network. That morphed into the Home Precinct Network. The Home Precinct Network seemed like it would work better in an already established political party. After looking into the values and platform of the Green Party, it became apparent that the Green Party would be a very good fit for me and my ideas. I joined the Greens in December, 2014. I've been working to apply and promote the “Adopt Your Precinct” Green Party Membership Campaign to my precinct, San Diego County, Orange County, and at the previous GPCA Plenary. I am currently precinct captain for my precinct: 409730, a San Diego Green Party County Council member, an SGA delegate for GPCA, Adopt Your Precinct Campaign Coordinator, and Co-Chair of GROW (subject to confirmation by Alex).

Why I want to serve on the Coordinating Committee:

I see working in the Coordinating Committee as an opportunity to serve the Green Party by utilizing my talents in creative organization. I'm hoping that if I am included as a Coordinating Committee member, I will be able to help in building the infrastructure of the GPCA so that it has more support, in all areas, in managing the business of the GPCA. I'm also looking forward to helping with the strategic planning that is done in the Coordinating Committee. I look forward to contributing to the implementation of the ten key values as well as the principles of clean government, social and economic justice, and peaceful co-existence with our fellow nations in our local, county, state, and federal governments. It is my hope that the GPCA will become a more harmonious, effective, and efficient organization that is highly focused on bringing about the values and principles of the Green Party, through the election of Green Party candidates.

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